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General Terms and Conditions

Legal conditions for guest accomodation (Terms and Conditions)

  1. The guest accomodation contract will be legally binding from the moment when the booking (reservation) for the guest is confirmed by the host hotel. The confirmation has to be in written form (also possible by fax or e-mail). If the booking is contracted via Internet a cancellation deadline of upto 8 days is valid. In this case there will be no cancellation charges. In case the guest pays an advance, the deadline period ceases to be valid.

  2. The contract between the guest and the landlord for accomodation of the guest is binding for both parties.

  3. The landlord will have to pay damages to the guest in case the apartment cannot be made available nor a similar qualitatively equivalent apartment is not offered in lieu for the period contracted.

  4. In the event that the guest does not use the apartment in full for the period booked by him, he is legally obligated to pay a penalty (damage charges) to the landlord. The damage charge will be the equivalent of 80% of the rent which had been agreed upon. In the event that the apartment is not being used, the landlord is obligated to rent the apartment to someone else as soon as possible and the proceeds which he derives from this will be adjusted with the penalty imposed, in order to minimize damage charges. Irrespective of this, the guest will have to pay a cancellation charge of 30.00 € (this applies to changes in booking dates as well). The thus calculated amount will have to be paid by the guest for the rent -period as has been agreed upon in the contract. The guest will have to continue paying for the period as booked by him until another guest (or tenant) has been found. It is advisable for the guest to have a travel cancellation insurance in case circumstances force him to abandon his travel plans. Such insurances are, for example, available from travel agents.

  5. The day of arrival and departure will be considered as one day. On the day of arrival the guest will have access to the apartment after 15.00 hrs (3 p.m). On the day of departure the guest is obligated to vacate the apartment by 10.00 hrs (10 a.m). The arrival of the guest is expected to be between 15.00 and 18.00 hrs (between 3 p.m and 6 a.m.).

  6. The rent (charges) have to be paid in advance. Around 20% advance is to be paid at the moment of signing the contract and the remaining amount has to be paid 10 days before arrival of the guest. In case the guest does not adhere to these conditions the landlord reserves the right to cancel the contract or to refuse accomodation.

  7. Rental charges are valid for the number of persons as mentioned in the contract. For persons who had not been booked as per contract, the landlord reserves the right to levy a surcharge of 10 € per day and person. This regulation is also valid for persons who are staying for a longer period and as such are utilizing the apartment continuously. In this case it is irrelavant whether these guests stay overnight or just spend time in the apartment during the day.

  8. The guest is obligated to be careful with the property and inventory of the landlord. He will have to pay for damage caused by him or by those who are staying with him. In case damage has indeed taken place the guest is obligated to inform the landlord regarding details of the damage, i.e. he must mention the kind of damage done and the extent of the damage, at the latest before he leaves for home. In case of damage which requires immediate attention or which would considerably reduce the living quality of the apartment, the landlord, or as the case may be the management, has to be informed immediately. The guest has no authority to carry out repairs on his own or to attempt improvements.

  9. The guest is obligated to pay the spa fees (in German “Kurbeitrag”) to the management at the current rate, on the day of his departure. The spa tickets/vouchers (in German “Die Kurkarten”) will be issued to the guest by the management. In case the guest has paid excess money a reimbursement is possible only by the relevant authority of the city of Baiersbronn. The landlord or the management are not responsible for this.

  10. The tenancy rent covers the charges for the final cleaning of the apartment. However this does not cover the removal of waste which accumulates over and above the normal measure. Nor does it cover the cost of extra cleaning which may become necessary due to hygienic negligence, or when crockery and kitchen vessels have not been cleaned. The same applies if the oven, the hot plates, the micro wave oven or the fridge are left dirty. The landlord/management reserves the right to demand payment for the above cleaning measures from the guest.

  11. The management is not responsible or available for social-welfare support for families in case these may have a claim to such benefits.

  12. The guest is not permitted to bring pets . Only with the advance and express permission of the landlord may small animals, rodents, birds, reptiles etc. be brought along. Violation of this rule will be chargeable by a stipulated penalty of 50,00 € per day. This condition is implicit in the contract.

  13. Hinweis zur Online Streitbeilegung gem. Art. 14 Abs. 1 ODR-Vo: Die Europäische Kommission stellt eine Plattform zur Online Streitbeilegung (OS) bereit, die sie unter finden


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